Astrology Integral Measure Support, AstroAIMS, advocates astrology should and can be accurate.

AstroAIMS : Astrology Integral Measure Support advocates reformation of the astrology calendar. An update is required so astrology star sign dates align with the Gregorian calendar and astronomy measures.

AstroAIMS endeavors to:

  • Inform the public how the tropical astrology calendar is out of date
  • Support an accurate astrology calendar based on astronomy coordinates (RA)

Current studies by AstroAIMS include:

  • The effect of the Sun, Moon and planets on Earth.
  • Research to clarify how the Solar System and stars effect the Sun's solar winds
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Information relevant to astrology and astronomy are conveyed at a linked site

View the daily sky plot. Observe where the Sun, Moon and planets are currently located in the Zodiac constellations.

How did the astrology calendar become inaccurate?

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What caused astrology to drift out of alignment with the true measure of the stars?

Every year, the Sun completes a circuit, along the ecliptic, across the Zodiac constellations. Earth's viewpoint of the stars moves 1 degree a day during our annual orbit of the Sun. So how during a year, the Sun appears to move across the Zodiac.

Reference of essential astronomy information