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I was amazed to discover that astrology plots were so far out of kilter. Why hasn't the astrology calendar been reformed years ago?

Jenna Westfield

There has been no substantial lobby group that has pushed for reform. Most people are not aware that the astrology is so far out of alignment with the sky. Pass the knowledge onto your friends. Reform will occur when a mass of people support reform and shout louder enough so the old school establishment of astrology hears and realises that its time to update and become relevant.

Paul Brick

What about Cecil Fagan, didn't he point out tropical astrology had lost track with what was occurring in the sky?

Joel Fleming

Yes, Cecil Fagan established the school of sidereal astrology in the 1950s. Sidereal astrology aims are to follow the actual course and location of the Zodiac. Content with their own school of astrology, I am not aware of the sidereal astrologers aspiring for general astrology calendar reform.

Paul Brick

Is AstroAims seeking contributions to aid with the movement for astrology calendar reform?

Margaret Meads

All ideas, service contributions and financial support are welcome. Matters relevant to support and contributions can be discussed during personal correspondence with AstroAims management.

Paul Brick

I purchased an Astroplot astronomy chart. I noticed that it is designed by Paul Brick. Are you the same Paul Brick answering correspondence on behalf of AstroAIMS?

Malcolm Phillips

Yes, I designed and published Astroplot. By studying astronomy and after years of graphic design, the Astroplot chart was developed. A feature of Astroplot is a central calendar aligned with the stars; a reference to plot where the Sun is located in the Zodiac for any date of the year. Often when people first refer to the chart, they check out where the Sun is on their birthday and wonder how come it is not in the Zodiac constellation they always thought was theirs. This vexing question must be resolved. So I was inspired to strive to enlighten the public about the actual course of the sky and free them from the ignorant misconception that is portrayed by the dates of the astrology calendar.

Paul Brick

I would like to buy an Astroplot poster. I respect your AstroAIMS aspirations and admire your Astroplot design of art and science. Can you autograph the Astroplot poster I purchase?

Brigit Griffiths

Sure, I would be happy to sign/autograph your Astroplot. Make a request in an email, or on the order special note section, when you send your Astroplot order. Point out where you want the autograph - bottom front, or on the back of the poster.

Paul Brick

The plot on your Astroplot poster, I noticed it is for the Southern Hemisphere. Is the Zodiac different for the Northern Hemisphere, so more in line with the astrology calendar.

Marco Galuchio

The plot of the Sun along the ecliptic, relevant to dates on the Astroplot calendar, are applicable for the Northern hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. The Astroplot for the Southern hemisphere is relevant when it comes to the individual sky plots for each month. An Astroplot is currently being designed, yet to be published, that will have sky charts relevant to the Northern Hemisphere.

Paul Brick